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Rapport du COI et annonce d’Elisabeth Borne : une reconnaissance du rôle primordial du secteur ferroviaire


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    29 rue du 14 Juillet
    BP 1
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    +33 (0)3 88 38 98 00
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    +33 (0)3 88 96 06 36
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Secteurs d'activités

  • Design and construction of transportation systems

Informations financières et juridiques

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  • Capital en € :
    € 15 300 000
  • Effectifs ferroviaires : NC

Descriptif / Historique

The history of the LOHR Group is closely bound to the continuous development of the transport world in Europe and globally, via a constant search for innovative solutions which always anticipate the wishes of its clients.

LOHR was founded in 1963 and very quickly developed the first road convoys intended for the transport of cars. Within just a few years it became the European leader in this sector.

In 1975 a military logistics vehicle business was started with success, for not only the French Army but also foreign, European and African armies.

The 1980s were to see the company expand rapidly and awarded the Export Oscar in 1983.
The opening of subsidiaries in various countries (USA, Mexico, China, etc.) confirmed the success of this policy and enhanced our international presence.

At the end of the 1990s LOHR added to its industrial competence with, in particular :

- Urban passenger transport with TRANSLOHR, a range of tramways on tyres which meets the expectations of authorities with a high-performance, economical, ecological transport system (in 2012 this business was transferred to the ALSTOM-FSI consortium)

- Piggyback using the LOHR wagon, a combined rail-road transport system making it possible to load the trucks onto trains. This deals with the problems of congestion, safety and ecology which are posed by some major trunk roads.

Throughout all these years and its ongoing development the Lohr Group has always followed the same guideline : "developing innovative transport solutions to meet customer requirements as closely as possible.


  • Lohr Railway System: The Lohr wagon - Piggyback reference technology for the safe, economic transport of standard road semi-trailers on the European rail network
  • Automobile Transport: LOHR Automotive - World leader in car-transporter vehicles offering a combination of reliability, performance and longevity
  • Defence Logistics Transport: SOFRAME - Manufacture of logistics equipment to satisfy the new needs of the defence market

Activités détaillées

The Lohr Group

LOHR is a private French group established in Alsace near Strasbourg. For more than 50 years it has been a global specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of goods transport systems.

Today the LOHR Group has 1200 members of staff throughout the world, a development centre with more than 80 engineers and technicians, and factories in Turkey, China, United States and Mexico.

The Group has several core businesses :

- Lohr Automotive: A world leader in car-transporter vehicles offering a combination of reliability, performance and longevity.

- Lohr Railway System: Piggyback reference technology with Lohr UIC wagons for the safe, economical transport of standard road semi-trailers on the European rail network.

- Lohr Service: Network of technical assistance and after-sales service present and available throughout the world.



    ISO 9001: version 2008
    AQAP 2110 version 2006
    EN 15085 CL1 CP B

    Contracts for the provision of Lohr wagons for the requirements of :

    - The Alpine rolling highway
    - The Perpignan Bettembourg rolling highway
    - The Calais Le Boulou rolling highway, 105 wagons to be delivered in 2014 and 2015

    In future, those of the Atlantic rolling highway, 278 wagons to be delivered from 2015 to 2017.

    Contracts for ground equipment for sites in Aiton (France), Orbassano (Italy), Bettembourg (Luxembourg), Boulou-Perpignan (France), Calais Port (France), Tarnos (France), Dourges (France) and De Dudelange (Luxembourg).